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Can "social networking" be utelized to achieve a more democratic system of political engangement?

political social networking proposal
Recently I have been trying to think of some way to meaningfully add my voice to the growing chorus who believe that the biggest obstruction to Democracy that we face today is the political party system. Whether or not I am ultimately judged to be a hopelessly naive dreamer is irrelevant - I feel the need to contribute in some way. Up to this point in my career I have focussed my energy on projects which are intended to help businesses run more efficiently. But who is working on applying advances in networked computing to a more efficient system of social and political governance? It was this thinking which spawned the "Party Wreckers" concept. To gather support and interest in this project proposal, I tried a crowd-funding campaign, but discovered that those sites offer little in the way of free publicity: without bringing your own established base of supporters, there is little chance of successfully meeting your funding target... It is a catch 22 situation which led me to ask myself: "If these guys aren't helping with the marketing, what do they offer other than a glorified payment processing system?"... So for now I am just putting the Party Wreckers concept "out there" and fishing for any feedback or suggestions that might help translate the idea into some real world application. Please check out the project website HERE.

Or... check out this video introduction:

This video explains why representative democracy has failed and introduces the InterAnnex "Party Wreckers" system design project which is intended to improve communication between elected representatives and their constituents. Background music is from the Sergey Rewired Project (produced by C.P.Bryan).

Party Wreckers Work Group: First Order of Business:
Find a good forum software solution to get the ball rolling.... Any feedback on the following offerings?

Details of a prior InterAnnex Social Networking Proposal:

easy forum groupware logo
EASY4M (Souds like "easy forum") would make a great name for an inexpensive, easy to use web forum application. As a domain name, it need not be limited to a particular forum application; it might extend to any kind of social networking site supporting message boards, discussion threads, instant messaging and user profiles. Or it might be used as an information, referral site comparing the various available easy-to-use discussion boards, message boards, groupware and social networking applications.

Alternately, Easy4m could itself be an interpersonal networking place, like MySpace, Friendster, or Facebook with full communication agoras, blogs, online programs in assorted languages like PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Python etc.