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The Cut'n'Mix Postmodern Word Processor
Offered as a commercial product (from 2004-2012). Now available free of charge (no technical support).

Cut-up and experimental texts listing The Cut'n'Mix project started out as a means to automate the "Cut-up" (creative writing) technique in the form of a rudimentary Windows application I first developed in 1997. It gradually morphed into a tool for generating ideas and names for enterprises, products or pop groups. The point was to facilitate one part of the naming process that can be programmed into a software application: random selection. There is usually some element of randomness either in finding the pool of candidate words or in making the final combination. The Grateful Dead derived their name from a combination of two words randomly selected from the dictionary. The moral of the story is that the more random combinations of letters and words that you can come up with, the more likely you are to stumble across something worthwhile... Since the release of Windows 7 and 8, the codebase of Cut'n'Mix (developed for Windows 98 and XP) has more or less reached the point where bug fixes and enhancements are too time-consuming... Thus development of Cut'n'Mix has been frozen at the version 5.4 level... However, due to numerous requests the application is now available free of charge on an "AS IS" basis only:

For more info about Cut'n'Mix (including free download), go to The Cut'n'Mix Zone
ROBCOLLAGE Automatic Collage Builder:
"Automatically assembles a random selection of words and images from a preloaded, embedded database."

logo for robocollage webiste
ROBOCOLLAGE stores images and text in an embedded database to be selected randomly for automatic construction of a web page MASHUP. And when I say "mashup" I mean really mashed up: The image files are just strewn and layered randomly across the page... In addition to randomly drawing from this pool of prefab web page elements, the program also optionally allows for mixing up digital photos or artwork from a user-designated folder. The version 1.2 release is now free for personal use*. To view examples of artwork created with the ROBOCOLLAGE, Go to the Automatic Collage Gallery. To find out more details about the application, go to the ROBOCOLLAGE Information Page.

Development status: Running as a commercial music service since 2008.

logo for free soundtrack music website "Easy, legal, music licensing for amatuer video producers, film students and home movie makers. The online stock music library can be previewed before users download tracks in mp3 file format." In 2007, this service started as an exercise in creating a domain name based on a number of keyword options like: "free", "soundtrack", "music", "royalty free", "stock music". Initially, there were only four static pages of free MP3s for visitors to download for use in their video productions. In 2008, I developed a web application which could store the mp3 files to a searchable database. Since that time the system has been expanded to provide a wide variety of user search options. As of winter 2016, there are over a dozen different recording artists posting their music to the freesoundtrackmusic database which now contains over 1,200 compositions.

New for May 2016:
A lot of the recordings from the freesoundtrackmusic catalog have a real pop music feel: it is a shame that they do not have any vocal tracks. In an effort to reach out to vocalists I am posting some of the compositions that fit into this catagory to my new music demos site at the following address:


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NEW for October 2017: A Project Proposal for a new Political Social Networking System:

2017 has been a very strange year for politics. In my home province of British Columbia, we saw the Liberal Party completely change their political platform AFTER LOSING the May election by a narrow margin. This complete reversal of their policy positions was necessary, they said, because they had "heard from the people". How strange it is that they only realized what policies the electorate really wanted after the votes were counted. Are we to interpret this to mean that the only way elected representatives can get feedback from voters is to count up all those little "X"s on their ballots? If this is the case, then there is obviously a glaring deficiency in the processes and procedures used by elected representatives to take stock of their constituent's positions... Perhaps what is needed is a better way for citizens to get their voices heard. Read all about it at:


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