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What is the next phase of the "Personal Computer Revolution"? Well, it is definitely not about spreadsheets anymore! All appearances suggest that "computation" is a small part of the social revolution taking place in our new hyper-connected, always-online social media environment. Today's revolution is all about COMMUNICATION - about how the tradtional model of one-to-many ("mass media" or "broadcast") transmission of information, entertainment and infotainment is being made redundant by a more chaotic and more inclusive system fed by an unlimited number "content creators" who need only possess a smartphone or tablet as the prerequisite for participation... A parallel shift is ocurring in the way we approach the future: from predicting, anticipating and forecasting trends using data collection and yesterday's "killer app" the spreadsheet to imagining and creating new systems of social organization with today's "killer app" social networking. This site, as the web home of C.P.Bryan's InterAnnex Web Applications aims to document and present the electronic artifacts of one person's participation in this paradigm shift. Read more about C.P.Bryan in his autobiographical professional profile. Questions and comments are welcome at any time and can be directed to colin@interannex.com.

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