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"Harshing The Buzz"

"Harshing The Buzz" is a collection of hard-edged electronica tracks. They might be loosely described as sound collage, with an intentionally abrassive, distorted and overdriven sound. Recorded between 2011 and 2013, they are based on original compositions by Steve Lowther and C. Paddy Bryan. - Producer C. Paddy Bryan.

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Harshing The Buzz (recorded, mixed and produced by C. Paddy Bryan):
1. Being Rick Wakeman's Dub3:30
Being Rick Wakeman's Dub
2. Apparatus With Instructions3:00
Apparatus With Instructions
3. Full Electric Breakfast3:14
Full Electric Breakfast
4. Space Beacon1:10
Space Beacon
5. Symphony of Horror3:51
Symphony of Horror
6. Lo-Tek Heat-Death...2:39
Lo-Tek Lo-Tek Heat-Death...
7. The Skull of Megalith3:02
The Skull of Megalith
8. Metal Plate in Head2:40
Metal Plate in Head
9. The Interrogation Toolkit2:00
The Interrogation Toolkit
10. ElectroFuzz 4-293:00
ElectroFuzz 4-29
11. Doctor Dred1:46
Doctor Dred
12. Lo-Fi Industrial Pop2:45
Lo-Fi Industrial Pop
13. The Bleeding Edge2:17
The Bleeding Edge

All tracks from the "Harshing The Buzz" album are available for licensing to use as background music in your video productions. Check out the Lowther & Bryan Music Listing page @

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