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"Jive Honky Dub"

Since the early 1980's I have been a Dub Reggae enthusiast, and the mixing techniques employed by Dub producers have been a large part of my production style. This collection of tracks borrow heavily from the Dub stylings of previous recording artists like Scientist, King Tubby, African Head Charge, Jah Wobble and Dub Syndicate. But I am a mere imposter or hack of the "cultural appropriation" variety compared to those greats, thus I have named my efforts in this genre "Jive Honky Dub". - Producer C. Paddy Bryan.

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Jive Honky Dub (recorded, mixed and produced by C. Paddy Bryan):
1. Nice Dreams Factory2:45
Nice Dreams Factory
2. Flowers of Krypton3:26
Flowers of Krypton
3. Only The Phony3:24
Only The Phony
4. Turkish Electronics4:05
Turkish Electronics
5. Jamaican Ice Cream Truck0:55
Jamaican Ice Cream Truck
6. Drum 'n' Bass Dub2:41
Drum 'n' Bass Dub
7. Eternal Sunshine of Dub Mind3:13
Eternal Sunshine of Dub Mind
8. Fade to Funk1:52
Fade to Funk
9. Night Owls2:39
Night Owls
10. HEX DEF DUB3:03
11. Dub You Reggae Soul4:23
Dub You Reggae Soul
12. Ice Queen Sandwich4:13
Ice Queen Sandwich

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