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"Chronicles of The Weird West"

In the not-too-distant-past, folks talked about "Country and Western Music". Nowadays there isn't much mention of "Western" music - it seems now to have been relegated mainly to the bygone era of Cowboy movies. Having lived most my life in the westernmost parts of North America in a city surrounded by cattle farms; having traveled through the Klondike and been to rodeos; having watched the classic Spaghetti Westerns (including when they were new releases in movie theatres when I was a kid), I have developed my own aesthetic preference of what Western music should sound like: It should reflect the desolate calm of wide open spaces and the weirdness of the characters who roam there. - Producer C. Paddy Bryan.

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Chronicles of The Weird West (recorded, mixed and produced by C. Paddy Bryan):
1. Cowboy Whisky2:07
Cowboy Whisky
2. Rattlesnake Desert Dub3:06
Rattlesnake Desert Dub
3. Diamond Tooth Gertie3:23
Diamond Tooth Gertie
4. Prairie Reflections2:02
Prairie Reflections
5. That Desolate Groove2:42
That Desolate Groove
6. Cowboy Mystic Intro1:39
Cowboy Mystic Intro
7. Shootout in Rhumbaville1:18
Shootout in Rhumbaville
8. Tarnation Valley4:42
Tarnation Valley
9. Millenium Hillbillies1:54
Millenium Hillbillies
10. The Kooky Cowboy1:25
The Kooky Cowboy
11. My New Tinfoil Hat2:57
My New Tinfoil Hat
12. Alien Tumbleweeds3:02
Alien Tumbleweeds
13. Return of Soapy Smith2:32
Return of Soapy Smith
14. Glade Beyond The Pines1:47
Glade Beyond The Pines

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