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Working as an IT Professional since 1992, I have had experience developing a variety of software applications ranging from single-user desktop utilities to web-based systems supporting thousands of users. From 2000 to 2010, I was mainly involved with developing enterprise groupware applications including a highly secure, multi-user collaborative research project management platform with extensive data collection and document storage features. Since 2010 my focus has shifted towards an exploration of the use of computer programs to enhance personal creativity in the areas of writing, graphic design, music and video production.

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I initially became interested in computer programming because I wanted to develop applications to support my creative interests. In the late nineties, I released a shareware word processing application for creative writers called Cut'n'Mix. In 2010, I launched an online service for film and video producers which provides functions for: search, preview, download and license purchase of royalty free music. As of 2018, this service continues to grow, both in terms of the size of the music library and number of subscribers. Check it out here: freesoundtrackmusic.com. In 2016, I created a new permutation of the Cut'n'Mix application which randomly arranges text and digital images into automatic collages: ROBOCOLLAGE.