ROBOCOLLAGE is Interactive Computer Art!
"ROBOCOLLAGE" is a Windows application used to create automatic web pages composed of random digital artwork and text. ROBOCOLLAGE creator C.P.Bryan uses this home-grown program to create much of the computer artwork seen in...
C.P.Bryan's Gallery of Digital Art!

ROBOCOLLAGE is now available free of charge from the:
Cut'n'Mix Downloads Page

Watch this video to find out what the ROBOCOLLAGE application can do for you!

All music used in the background soundtrack of this video was obtained from

How ROBOCOLLAGE Works (in a nutshell)

  • The user designates which pools (input sources) the graphic images will be drawn from. (Version 1.2 Now allows quick selection of a user-designated graphics input folder in addition to the files which have been stored to the embedded database).
  • (For optional text content) The user pastes, auto-fills or otherwise somehow LOADS text data into one of the 5 possible text input areas (or "tracks").
  • (For optional text content) The user selects font face, color and style (plus background color and style) for each text input track to be used in the next robocollage.
  • User selects output file and folder where the web page and associated random images will be deposited.
  • User selects relative weighting of text to graphics by adjusting the probability sliders.
  • USER CLICKS THE "GO!" (Build) BUTTON! and a new random mashup of text and images is written to an html file.

For more information, go have a look at the ROBOCOLLAGE 1.2 Quick Start Guide.