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Welcome to the web contact and information portal for the software development and multimedia production activities of C.P.Bryan. Since the mid 1990s, Bryan has been exploring the creative possibilities of digital media, software development and Internet connectivity.
Featured Application Service:
The FREESOUNDTRACKMUSIC.COM online library of royalty free music connects video creators to music composers, simplifying the process of finding and licensing background music for film and multimedia productions. Freesoundtrackmusic On Facebook.

New Additions to the Royalty Free Music Library for January 2019:

January 21: Two new cinematic soundtrack pieces from Australian composer Enrico Altavilla: "Last Breath" is a sombre atmospheric composition for video themes such as loss, alienation, solitude and despair, while "Awesome Beauty" provides an inspirational, emotional musical backdrop for romantic or spiritually uplifting themes. Preview of "Awesome Beauty" below:

January 15: Slap bass, pipe organ and funky beat combine to create a fun atmosphere of festive, somewhat slapstick and whimsical celebration in this new track titled "Playtime Funkster" from Steve Lowther. The meandering melody flirts with Asian themes. Quirky background music for colorful party videos, especially those including footage of happy clowns (as opposed to evil clowns):

January 5: A new atmospheric composition from guitarist Ilya Truhanov. "Strange Love" has elements of Tango and Flamenco, creating an atmosphere of mystery, intrigue and passion:

New Video Release for January 19, 2019:

This new video provides a sampling of some of the soundtrack compositions available in the "Science Fiction" category of the F.S.M. library. The music is mostly of the atmospheric electronic variety, but there are also a few that might be described as hard-edged rock. The general theme is that the music featured here suggests feelings of technological angst and wonder at the vastness of Space / Time / Reality. The previews included in this video are (in order of appearance):
  1. "Where Am I?" by Enrico Altavilla
  2. "JVP-X-ELEVEN-3" by Sergey Rewired
  3. "Crystalline City" by Steve Lowther
  4. "The Skull of Megalith" by Lowther_and_Bryan
  5. "Mutant Pep Rally" by C.P.Bryan
  6. "Unknown Territories" by Stephen Graf