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This is the online portal for information exchange related to the music production activities of programmer / music producer C.P.Bryan. Most of Bryan's musical activities are currently directed towards producing soundtrack music for the Free Soundtrack Music royalty free stock production music service. Custom music composition, engineering and production services are also available. If you are producing a video or film and are looking for original music for your soundtrack, contact

Music composition, engineering and production examples by C.P.Bryan:

music production illustration
C.P.Bryan has been recording and releasing electronic soundscapes, dance grooves and audio collages since the late 1990's using a variety of artist names (including "Glitch", "Space Experiments" and "Protoflake" to name a few). He began his involvement with online music distribution systems as the artist formerly known as "Protoflake" on For those who are too young to remember what the internet was like back in the late 1990s, was perhaps THE first implementation of a self-publishing music community. As of November 2017, most of the catalog of tracks released by C.P.Bryan from that early period of the internet have been added to the library.

Recent Music Produced by C.P.Bryan:
"As the 2017 Christmas season begins, I have been thinking more about music which reflects the moods and activities particular to this special time of year. Here are a few tracks which I have just finished mixing and which are now added to the F.S.M library to be used in Christmas video productions..."
Andante Op 13 / 1:331 credit29-Nov-17
Andante Op 13
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Warm pastoral tones to create an austere, serene backdrop for video productions with themes ranging from historical documentaries to travel photography featuring period architecture or art. Originally composed by Otto Dienel (1839 - 1905); this recording arranged and produced by C.P.Bryan. Search for similar music: neoclassical, orchestral, mellow, smooth, fascination, calm, sentimental.
Icicle Factory / 2:591 credit29-Nov-17
Icicle Factory
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Mandolin, double bass and bell chimes in an intricate repeating pattern which creates an atmosphere of wonder and enchantment. Forest elves and prancing magical creatures. "Lion, Witch and Wardrobe" fantasy atmosphere. Composed by Steve Lowther. Search for similar music: intrigue, fascination, neoclassical, orchestral.

The Free Soundtrack Music Library contains a large selection of music which will suit video productions for the Christmas season: whether they be "Greeting Card Videos" or simply background music for footage that you take of family events over the holidays. To preview some of the available Christmas music, go to the Free Soundtrack Music Christmas Tracks Page.

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