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In addition to producing soundtrack music for the F.S.M. stock music library, InterAnnex founder C.P.Bryan has also been an avid video producer. Starting in 2002, Bryan has been accumulating footage from his travels and building an archive of video scenes and images from the different cities in his home province of British Columbia. Some of this footage ends up in the music videos used to promote InterAnnex's royalty free music service, while other material becomes fodder for more artistic flights of the imagination...
Video productions by C.P.Bryan of InterAnnex:

New release for January 2018: "Prodemocracy Introduction". Prodemocracy is a system proposal from InterAnnex which is intended to provide a solution to the current profoundly undemocratic status quo that most advanced western nations are now confronting:

The background music featured in the above video are recent productions from C.P.Bryan, and can be found in the royalty free library with search the following search terms (track titles): "Andante Op 13", "Xavier Rewired" and "Leaf Tumbling in Breeze". Or, look through the C.P.Bryan music listing page @ F.S.M. for more compositions and productions by C.P.Bryan.

Video Selfie 2017 "Get To Know Me!":

Those who are old enough may remember Jon Lovitz's whimsical catch phrase "Get To Know Me" from Saturday Night Live (many seasons ago). It is in the same spirit that I offer up this video self potrait: with it's embarassing and perhaps somewhat silly imagery it might capture more of the true personality of the subject than would be the case with something more measured and strategic. The music is a piece from "Stargazer Jazz", a kind of loose collaboration comprised of myself, Steve Lowther and John Bannister....

"Reflexions 2017" - All video footage and editing by C.P.Bryan:

This video demontrates the ambient dub style of video production, wherein footage of natural landscapes is blended with man-made environments to produce a kind of moving visual mashup which may act upon the mind of the viewer to inspire more "right brain" holistic thinking. Alternately, this video production technique might be called "Abstract Expressionism for the medium of Video". An appropriate audio background music pairing is achieved with the track "Luminescense" from F.S.M. contributing composer Stephen Graf.

This recent video is a sampling of some of C.P.Bryan's original artwork and video footage. The background music is part of an ongoing collaboration with composer Steve Lowther, entitled "The Modern Prometheus". More music from this collaboration project can be found at the F.S.M site HERE.

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